Federation of the European Building Joinery Associations

FEMIBs participation in the SERVOWOOD project

The strategic objective of the SERVOWOOD project is to develop and establish European Standards that will facilitate the prediction of service life for exterior wood coatings.

The SERVOWOOD project will develop a service life prediction methodology which can be incorporated into the portfolio of European Standards for exterior wood coatings. To this end the project brings together experts on wood coatings from the relevant European Standards Committee with representatives from trade associations and others in the supply chain.

CEPE acts as the Co-ordinator of Servowood and will take the lead role in WP9 in consortium management. CEPE will integrate the results of the service life prediction methodologies into their LCA software, providing the EU based paint and coating manufacturers and end users a bespoke tool capable of predicting the total lifecycle assessment of a coating.


EuroWindoor AISBL

EuroWindoor AISBL

FEMIB members agreed in a meeting for preparation of a new AISBL founding on March 25th, 2015 to suspend the operations of FEMIB and to participate instead to the new European Association EuroWindoor AISBL.


For more Information please visit www.EuroWindoor.eu

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